Pablo Blasberg, a renowned journalistic illustrator who has worked for major newspapers in Argentina and Europe for over 30 years (Clarin, La Nacion, El Pais, El Mundo, ABC, Le Monde, The Times), is now presenting his solo exhibition of abstract paintings titled “From Figuration to Abstraction.” 

Pablo Blasberg
ph: pablo blasberg © 2023
This exhibition brings together a collection of abstract works that Pablo has created over the past three years. Each piece stands out for its innovative use of color, texture, and form, creating a visually stunning effect. It’s fascinating to see how the artist has evolved from figuration to abstraction, developing his own style and technique in this new territory.
ph: karina vola @karinavolar
Despite his reputation as a journalistic illustrator, this exhibition showcases Pablo’s ability to create abstract works that explore emotions and sensations beyond the figurative.

“Pablo Blasberg’s work is life. He dialogues colour, texture and stroke in slow, bubbling, evolutionary movement. Zigzags of capricious green. Intense flights, blues, turquoise blue and furious stormy ochre, elusive and furious. Strolls through the rough greys and immediately the fresh, transparent jade bud. Chestnut and cinnamon lines in a precipitous avalanche of raw whites. Crystalline mirrored Mediterranean, distant, solitary. It is soft, warm, calm textile. Emerging weft, violently tangled but velvety, which vanishes in fluffy felts. Lilac and sweet aromas. Dancing oranges and reds, burning and burning. It is a passage and an imprint: that of an artist who imprints his signature in black and white lines, his narrative of a traveller through two worlds, from truth to fiction, from figuration to abstraction”   (2023 © Text by Gabi Bourdieu)

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